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Struggling To Find A Job As A Veteran? Turn To Employment Agencies

Employment agencies are designed to find jobs for a broad variety of people. Veterans are one of their biggest beneficiaries. Here is what you need to know about employment agencies if you are a veteran who is struggling to get employed.

Unemployment Remains An Issue For Veterans

In the past, the unemployment rate for veterans was unusually high. While a lot has been done to help this problem, it does remain an issue. Currently, about four percent of veterans don't have a job or are unemployed. This rate is on par with the national average.

While many of these veterans are unemployed because of injury (such as 41 percent of all Gulf War veterans), many are capable of work. Unfortunately, these individuals may simply have no idea where to get started or struggle to find work in a new civilian marketplace.

Many Veterans Struggle To Catch On In The Marketplace

The reasons behind this stagnant unemployment rate are often hard to understand. Most veterans are very intelligent and skilled individuals with a lot of real-world experience. Unfortunately, they have experience working in a field that may not be translatable to the real world, such as repairing jet fighters or combat experience.

As a result, it can be hard for veterans who served their term to get a job. While many will go on to college and get better careers in this way, others won't have this capability. As a result, they may have to turn a program, such as a temporary employment agency, to start a new career that can get them back on their feet in the civilian world.

How Employment Agencies Can Help

Veterans who may not have gotten training for a career while in the service need to use a work placement service to jump-start a new life. For example, employment agencies can identify your core skills and find a way to highlight them on a resume. Then, they will find you a job that works for your needs as a veteran.

Many of these jobs will be entry-level, but others may allow training methods. These careers include jobs such as welding and operating heavy machinery. Both of these careers require specialized training and licensing, meaning that getting placed there by a temporary employment agency could help you get those skills in a beneficial environment.

So don't hesitate to contact a professional employment placement agency right away to learn how you can get your career started out of the military. It might take some adjustment, but it can be done if you are willing to try.