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The Top Signs That Show You That Inpatient Drug Therapy Is Necessary

It is a difficult decision to make and an even harder one to stick to. It takes courage to admit that you need help to recover from drug addiction and the decision to seek help is never an easy one. Once you make that decision, you will need to decide on what type of rehab therapy is right for you. You have the option of either inpatient at a treatment center or outpatient in which you can stay at home and still attend therapy.

There are certain signs you need to take heed of that will show you that you should head to a drug addiction treatment center. Here are the top signs you shouldn't ignore.

Have You Gone to Outpatient Therapy Before?

It's possible that this isn't your first time seeking drug rehab and it's more common than you might think to return multiple times. If you have attended outpatient therapy in the past and perhaps more than once, this could show you that this type of therapy might not work well for you. Often, outpatient therapy is voluntary, and there is no real supervision over you during the time you not with a therapist. This means you are more in control of your treatment than you would be in an inpatient center.

What is Your Motivation Like?

You need to think about how strong your motivation is to get better and if you can truthfully say you will stay off drugs and seek therapy on a regular basis on your own. It's not always easy to stay in recovery as cravings and stressors can potentially drive you to return to using. If you aren't completely dedicated to recovery, it will be harder to stay away from drugs during outpatient therapy than within inpatient treatment.

Do You Have a Mental Illness?

It might be possible that you have a mental illness and this could make it harder to recover from drug addiction in an outpatient treatment plan. While many seekers of drug addiction therapy who also have mental illness can thrive in outpatient treatment care, they tend to do better using inpatient therapy. Inpatient care will ensure that not only will you receive treatment for your addiction but also you will continue to receive care and medications for your mental illness should you need it as well.

How is Your Health?

Before deciding on either inpatient or outpatient therapy for your drug addiction, you must have a good idea of what your health is like. With certain drugs, the first few days of not taking them come with severe withdrawal, and it's possible that your body might not be prepared for it and it could cause serious health issues.

You might have existing health problems or illnesses that could be made worse during withdrawal and treatment. This can be minimized by going into inpatient treatment where medical professionals can care for your needs.