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Three Benefits Of Converting A Tub To A Shower Stall With A Shower Pan For Elderly People

When you have elderly parents that are getting on in years, you tend to worry about them, especially with getting in and out of the tub. There are a couple of different solutions to this problem. One is to convert the tub into a shower stall with just a shower pan below. Here is what that project looks like, and the benefits of converting your parents' tub into a shower stall. 

Removing the Tub

​The contractor will come to your home, size up the job, and provide you with an estimate. The job itself will start with removing the tub and replacing or covering the tub walls with fiberglass walls. The contractor has to be very careful not to damage existing plumbing while doing this process. 

​Shower Pan Installation

​Then the shower pan is installed. There is just the tiniest lip between the floor and the shower pan. It is so negligible that your parents cannot trip over it, even if they are shuffling their feet. The lip that is there in the shower pan is to prevent water from getting outside of the new shower stall. The pan itself is as long as the tub used to be, and sometimes just a little bit wider.

​The Benefits of the Conversion in Regards to Your Elderly Parents

First, this type of tub conversion is often done in retirement and nursing homes, or homes for people with physical and mental challenges. If your parents ever find that they need a wheelchair to get around, a shower chair or the wheelchair can be rolled right into the shower. Everyone stays safe, regardless of physical limitations.

Second, you never have to worry about your parents tripping and falling while trying to lift their stiff legs over the edge of the tub. The one-foot tub barrier common to most tubs is now gone, and your parents can walk right into the shower to bathe. Additionally, if they want to put a shower chair into the shower to sit and bathe, they only have to push it into the shower. They never have to lift it high enough to get it into the shower like they did when the tub was there.

Third, and finally, there are plenty of no-slip shower pans you can request and choose from. Tub bottoms can be very slippery and unpredictable. When you make the conversion to the shower stall and shower pan, you remove the possibility of one of your parents falling during bathing.

For more information about a shower pan installation, talk to a local contractor.